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Vauxhall Corsa D gloss black double din stereo fitting kit, CANbus steering wheel control interface

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Vauxhall Corsa D gloss black double din stereo fitting kit, CANbus steering wheel control interface

Complete stereo upgrade fitting kit to install a double DIN aftermarket radio and retain the use of the steering wheel controls in a Vauxhall Corsa D.
The steering control interface will also generate a true key present ignition supply to the new radio.

This head unit fitting kit includes:
-Gloss black fascia adapter panel (50-841/5)
-Antenna adapter cable (21-123)
-Steering wheel control interface (49-CORSA-D)
-Universal patch lead for steering control interface (49-025)
-Original radio release keys (52-010)
-Double DIN fitting cage (Included in 50-841/5)

This fitting kit is supplied with a gloss black (also called piano black) fascia adapter panel suitable for a double din aftermarket radio. The fascia adapter allows the fitting of an aftermarket radio into the dashboard by matching the shape, style and colour of the original radio. Use the fascia adapter with the supplied fitting cage to install a double din radio.

A Quadlock to ISO adapter cable with CANbus steering control interface is supplied in the kit. This cable adapts from the original connector in the car, known as a quadlock, to standard aftermarket connectors for the new stereo, known as ISO connectors. The CANbus steering wheel control interface will retain the use of the original radio controls on the steering wheel with an aftermarket stereo. The CANbus interface generates a key present ignition supply to the new stereo, this means the stereo will turn on with the first click of the key and stay on until the key is removed from the ignition barrel. The interface also generates speed pulse, reverse gear and handbrake output signals, these are used when installing multimedia, navigation units and reverse cameras. This interface is built into the Quadlock to ISO harness adapter so installation is plug and play.

A universal patch lead is supplied in the kit, this is to pair the steering control interface to the steering control input of Alpine, Clarion, JVC, Kenwood, Pioneer and Sony head units.

The CANbus interface requires a data wire to be connected at the rear of the display screen at the top of the dashboard (instructions are included), because our interface connects to the data signal here, rather than at the rear of the radio, it means that it never loses the data connection to the car. Other interfaces, when connected at the rear of the radio, will lose the data connection, this is because the car recognises that the original radio is no longer present and shuts down the data signal. This data signal does not shut down at the display screen.

A Fakra to DIN antenna adapter is included in the kit. This adapts from the original style antenna connectors in the car, known as Fakra connectors, to a standard aftermarket connector for the new stereo, known as a DIN connector.

The kit also contains a pair of radio release keys. Use these to unlock the original radio from the dashboard for removal.

Brand: InCarTec

Car models: The years stated refer to the model's years of manufacture, please check the item description for information about any changes there may be within these productions years.
Vauxhall - Corsa D (2006 - 2014)

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