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DAB & AM/FM & GPS  Combiflex

DAB & AM/FM & GPS Combiflex

Replacement Roof mount  beesting combiflex antenna to change an existing GPS antenna to include DAB/ AM/FM & GPS
This antenna is needs a separate switched 12v feed. Active DAB, GPS and FM.
10db gain for DAB.
75 degree angle. 230mm rod length.
Includes 2 x 5m extension leads, Fakra to SMB DAB connector and Fakra to DIN  FM 

Stock code: 70-915K
Price: £79.99 (£95.99 inc VAT)
SHARK FIN antenna for DAB, FM and GPS

SHARK FIN antenna for DAB, FM and GPS

Shark fin antenna for DAB, FM and GPS.
20dB DAB and FM amplification.
Includes 3 x 5m extension cables for FM, DAB and GPS.
Can be fitted as a replacement or a complete new antenna.
If fitting aftermarket navigation units like Pioneer/Alpine you will need to use the original GPS connector supplied with the unit , CUT the the cable and solder it to the cable supplied with the 70-918. WE DO NOT HAVE ADAPTERS.
Stock code: 70-918K
Price: £95.83 (£115.00 inc VAT)
Inside mount passive GPS antenna

Inside mount passive GPS antenna

Inside dashboard mount passive GPS antenna.
With 500cm antenna cable termated with a male SMA connector.
Stock code: 70-930
Price: £24.99 (£29.99 inc VAT)