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10-325A - Land Rover Harmon Kardon MKi direct input lead

10-608 - RunSwitch 7.5 Amp Power Module

10-609 - RunSwitch Plus 7.5 Amp Programmable Power Module

10-640 - Reverse gear car radio mute relay cable

10-641 - Reverse camera power feed relay cable

10-650 - NAVAMP Amplified mute relay interface for portable navigation

10-651 Nav Amp interface

10-671 - 12V to 6V voltage converter for original reverse cameras

20-022 - Female ISO Lead harness (With Butt Connectors)

20-190-IGN Volkswagen Crafter radio replacement adapter cable and service harness

20-273 - Saab 93 amplifier interface with iso to iso cables

20-278 How to use 20-278 and 39-VOL-01 together

20-278 Volvo amplifier adapter interface fitting instructions

20-303 Toyota Landcruiser LC5 amplifier bypass cable

20-307 Volvo XC90 amplifier bypass cable

20-308 Range Rover Sport and Discovery 3 amplifier bypass cable instructions

20-316 BMW X5 and Range Rover L322 amplifier bypass cable fitting instructions

20-XXX-IGN quadlock CAN ignition wiring diagrams

23-001 - 2 channel line output adapter with remote turn on

23-005 and 23-006 - 2 channel line output converter

23-009-2 2 channel line output converter high level

23-009-4 4 channel line output converter high level

23-011 instructions for 20-2XX interface with ICT high to low level adapter

23-040 AWSC-1 fitting instructions

23-040 Mercedes SL ASWC-1 interface instructions

23-048 Lexus SC430 radio replacement interface kit

Technical note for retaining rear seat entertainment on a Cadillac Escalade ESV

Tech note on retaining 3rd row rear seat entertainment on GM trucks with navigation

23-229 - Instructions

23-229 modification to wiring for cars with original navigation

24-014-24-015 universal quadlock aux in

24-020 Universal ground loop isolator noise filter

24-228 Mitsubishi AUX in

24-260 BMW aux in adapter lead

24-314 Audi MMI 2 Aux in interface

24-520 Bluetooth audio streaming device

25-510 SLIMKEY full instructions rev 1 13

25-514 -  BMW, Peugeot, Citroen, Volvo PDC retention interface

25-552 -VW Parkview Front integration OEM with Laserline

25-553 PARKVIEW for LASERLINE Instructions

25-555 parkview FRONT_REAR for VW cars

27-229 - Honda vehicles (WITH ORIGINAL 2VN0 NAV HEAD UNITS) Camera Retention

27-234 - Add camera to Honda OEM 8 inch screens (24pin)

27-257 - Iveco Daily (IVEConnect media) Camera Integration

27-259 - Retain a camera on Honda vehicles WITH ORIGINAL 2VN3

27-300 Volkswagen camera input harness

27-550 - Add a camera to VW, Audi, Porsche (MIB2/ PCM 4.0)

27-552 - Audi (NON MMI) Concert/ Symphony Camera Integration

27-553 Mercedes NTG5 camera input interface

27-554 - Mercedes Benz (NTG 4.5) Camera Integration

27-555 - Mercedes Benz (NTG 5.5) Camera Integration

27-557 Volvo Sensus camera input interface

27-558 Lexus camera input interface

27-559 - Peugeot/ Citroen (2013-2016) with SEMG (7 Inch) Camera Integration

27-563-10 - Peugeot/ Citroen NAC 2019 Onwards (10 Inch) Camera Integration

27-565 Add camera to Vauxhall Opel R4.0 IntelliLink head-unit

27-571 - BMW (NBT EVO ID4) iDrive Camera Integration

27-574 - BMW (ID7/MGU) iDrive Camera Integration

27-871 - BMW (CIC) iDrive Smartphone/ Camera Integration

27-872 - BMW (CIC-High/ NBT) Smartphone/ Camera Integration

27-876 - Mercedes NTG 4.5/4.7 (2012-2015) Smartphone/Camera Integration

27-878 - VW MIB/ MIB2 Smartphone and Camera Integration

27-8CP11 - Universal Smartphone Camera Integration

29-000 Chinese-unbranded patch lead instructions

29-025 Universal patch

29-606 Ford (<04) stalk control interface

29-608 Renault (without separate display) stalk control

29-609 Vauxhall ISO steering control interface instructions

29-620 Landrover Discovery Steering control

29-621 Citroen Peugeot Fiat Steering control

29-622 Peugeot 206 6 function steering control

29-623 Landrover Discovery II steering control

29-624 Citroen Picasso Steering control

29-626 Landrover with oem Becker traffic nav

29-627 BMW round pin steering control interface instructions

29-628HKM 2001-2006 Mini SWC interface with HK retention

29-628 BMW K bus Quadlock steerong control E39, X5

29-629 Honda S2000 Steering control

29-630 Chrysler Jeep Steering control

29-631 Rover 25/45 ( 04-05) steering control

29-632_29-6434_29-694 Saab steering control interface

29-633 Peugeot 406 steering control

29-634 Honda Jazz steering control

29-636 Ford Galaxy steering control

29-637 Suzuki Vitara Steering control

29-638 Audi and Seat

29-639 Kia Sorrento (03-06) steering control

29-642 Nissan Micra Steering control

29-644 Nissan X Trail Steering control

29-645 Nissan steering wheel control interface instructions

29-646 Chevrolet Captiva Steering control

29-647 Citroen Peugeot Fiat steering control

29-648 Toyota steering control interface instructions

29-651 Alfa Romeo 156 <2003 SWC instructions

29-652 Renault Tuner list Steering control

29-653 Ford Mondeo (99-03) Steering control

29-654 Ford Quadlock cars steering control

29-655-CAN Alfa

29-655 Alfa 156 147 & GT audio steering control

29-656 Mitsubishi Colt Steering control

29-657 Ford Fiesta Fusion (02-06) steering control

29-658 Land Rover

29-659 Range Rover Steering control

29-661-HK Range Rover P38 with HK amp steering control instructions

29-661 Range Rover Steering control

29-662 Ssangyong Steering control

29-663 Honda

29-664 Jaguar X Type steering control

29-665 Landrover Freelander 1 (04-06) steering control

29-666 Citroen Peugeot Boxer Fiat Ducato (06>) Steering control

29-667 Honda steering wheel control interface instructions

29-668 Hyundai Sante Fe (with amp) steering control

29-669 Suzuki steering control interface instructions

29-670 Chevrolet steering control interface instructions

29-671 Nissan steering control interface instructions

29-672 Subaru steering control interface instructions

29-673 Mazda steering wheel control interface instructions

29-674 Nissan (Hard wire) Steering control

29-674 Nissan withConn

29-675 Hyundai / Kia steering control interface instructions

29-676 Kia Ceed Steering control

29-677 Subaru Forrester Steering wheel interface

29-678 Nissan Steering wheel interface

29-679 Honda Steering wheel control interface Civic Jazz CRV CRZ

29-681 Mitsubishi steering control interface instructions

29-681 Mitsubishi07

29-686 Subaru steering wheel control interface instructions

29-692 Hyundai / Kia steering control interface instructions

29-695 Toyota steering control interface instructions

29-697 Isuzu steering control interface instructions

29-700 Jaguar XK8 steering control interface for basic audio 

29-700 PRE   Jaguar XK8 steering control for premium audio 

29-701 Ssangyong Korando steering control interface

29-703 Freelander2 with Alpine Premium sound

29-711 Ssangyong Korando Sport steering control interface

29-712 Landrover RR Sport and Discovery 3 SWC screen retention interface

29-713 Freelander 2 SWC and PDC with Alpine Premium sound system

29-716 Renault stalk control

29-CTVX00 installation instructions

29-UC-050   Unican options 

29-UC-050 Connection diagrams

29-UC-050 Interface installation instructions

29-UC-050 Interface options management instructions

29-UC050-SAAB  Steering control and GMLAN interface for Saab 93 

29-UC-REN1-NAV Renault TOMTOM retention interface

29-UC-REN2-NAV Renault TOMTOM retention interface

29-UC050-CHR1 Chrysler UNICAN steering control interface instructions

29-UC050-CHR2 Chrysler UNICAN steering control interface instructions

29-UC050-POR1 Porsche UNICAN steering control interface instructions

29-UC050REN1 Renault UNICAN steering control interface

29-UCCAB-000 Chinese and learning UNICAN patch lead

29-UCCAB data sheet for UNICAN head-unit patch leads

29-CT-025 Universal patch lead for 29-CT interfaces

39-FIA-01 Fiat CAN steering control interface instructions

39_FIA_03 Fiat Alfa 2014 onwards audio steering control interface

39-HU-UNI universal 39- series patch lead instructions

39-IVE-01 Iveco Daily 2014 onward steering wheel control interface instructions

39-MAN MAN lorry CAN steering control interface instructions

39-MB A05, A10, NTG1, NTG2, COM2, UNI Mercedes CAN steering control interface instructions

39-PGA-PDC Citroen and Peugeot CAN steering control interface instructions

39-PO-ISO Porsche CAN steering control interface instructions

39-SCAN-01 Scania CAN steering control interface instructions

39-VOL-01 Volvo steering wheel control interfaces instructions

39-VOL-FH Volvo FH CAN steering control interface instructions

39-VOL-UNI Volvo CAN steering control interface instructions

39-VW-03 Volkswagen CAN steering control interface instructions

39-FIA-03 Fiat, Alfa Romeo steering wheel control interface instructions

49-025 49 series universal patch lead pinning information

49-AUD-01, 49-AUD-02, 49-AUD-03, 49-AUD-UNI Instructions

49-BMW-01 BMW CANbus steering wheel control interface instructions

49-CORSA-D Vauxhall Corsa D steering control interface instructions

49-MB-04 Mercedes quadlock CAN steering interface

49-PGA-01, -PDC, Citroen and Peugeot steering control interface instructions

49-POR-03 Porsche CANbus steering control interface instructions

49-POR-04 Porsche CANbus steering control interface

49-VW-01 Volkswagen CAN SWC interface instructions

49-VW-02 Volkswagen CAN SWC interface with PDC and climate display

50-215 - Honda, Acura, Isuzu, Facia Fitting Instructions

50-270/1 - BMW X3 (E83) (2004-2009) Single DIN (FLUSH FIT) car audio facia adapter panel (MATT BLACK)

50-693 Ford Focus Double din fitting Brackets

50-770-BRACKET instructions

50-798 Fiat Doblo Vauxhall Combo double din fascia fitting instructions

50-921/1 Mercedes C Class double din fascia kit instructions

50-926/1, /2, /3 Ford Transit Custom fascia adapter fitting instructions

50-940 Landrover Defender double din fascia fitting instructions

50-982 CItroen C3 DS3 double din fascia fitting instructions

50-999 Volkswagen Crafter fascia fitting instructions

27-565 Add camera to Vauxhall Opel R4.0 IntelliLink head-unit

29-UCCAB patch lead wiring data sheet

CA-014 Mercedes Reverse View Camera

CA-302 Universal Butterfly bracket camera (Adjustable bracket)

CA-9401 Installation Instructions

CA-T103 camera instructions 

Chinese Head Unit ISO wiring

FK-853-3 Range Rover, Sport Discovery III with standard Harmon Kardon amplifier bypass kit

FK-853-6 Range Rover Sport amplifier bypass kit for cars with original Harmon Kardon LOGIC7 systems

FK-860 XC90 fitting kit instructions

FK-853-5 - Freelander 2 fitting kit Alpine Premium with PDC

ICT-A500B InCarTec 5 channel DSP bluetooth amplifier

M-S5.0 - Universal 5 inch monitor 

M-S5.0-W - Universal 5 inch monitor (Windscreen Mounted)

Reducing external noise when using the 23-245 with the optional 20-290-2CHP

Reprogramming SWC on the RP4-HD11 interface

Road Angel and Grundig radios not working with steering wheel controls

Identifying your Saab and the parts required to change the radio.

25-510 and 25-511 Slimkey I and II compatibility table


CA-014 Range Rover Sport L320 (05-09) reverse view camera

27-563 - Peugeot/ Citroen NAC 2016 Onwards (7/8 Inch) Camera Integration

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