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10-625 Speaker cut relay instructions 10-630 Speaker divert relay instructions 10-640 Reverse gear radio mute relay 10-641 Reverse camera power relay

10-651 Nav Amp interface

10-800 OASI fiber optic interface 10-800-AUX OASI Fibre optic aux in interface 20-XXX-IGN quadlock CAN ignition wiring diagrams How to use 20-278 and 39-VOL-01 together 20-303 Toyota Landcruiser LC5 amplifier bypass cable 20-307 Volvo XC90 amplifier bypass cable 20-308 Range Rover Sport and Discovery 3 amplifier bypass cable instructions 23-005 and 23-006 2 channel line output converter 23-009-2 2 channel line output converter high level 23-009-4 4 channel line output converter high level

23-229 - Instructions

24-014-24-015 universal quadlock aux in 24-020 Universal ground loop isolator noise filter 24-228 Mitsubishi AUX in 24-314 Audi MMI 2 Aux in interface 24-520 Bluetooth audio streaming device 25-101CS Vauxhall Insignia for Parrot Ck3000 25-102C RADICAN instructions for Parrot MKI steering controls 25-102L RADILAN for Vauxhall and Saab 25-200C Parrot3100 steering wheel interface 25-400 Parrot Asteroid compatibility table 25-400 Parrot MKi compatibility table 25-400L Parrot Asteroid compatibility list 25-400L Parrot MKi compatibility list 25-502 Quadlock to ISO harness with CAN ignition and illumination 25-509 Volvo S60 V70 & XC 90 PDC interface 25-510 SLIMKEY full instructions rev 1 13 25-513 BMW PDC & Chime interface 25-514 BMW, Peugeot, Citroen, Volvo PDC retention interface 25-516-PDC Slimkey PDC compatibility table 25-517 GM LANbus slimkey instructions 25-517 Slimkey LANbus interface compatibility table 25-520 landrover Discovery III Can service interface 25-521 Landrover FreelanderII Can service interface 25-522 landrover Discovery IV Can service interface 25-523 Citroen Peugeot Fiat Can service interface 25-524 Merc Actros Can service interface 25-525 Ford Can service interface 25-526 Ford CMax Focus3 Can service interface 25-527 Mercedes Can service interface 25-528 Mazda Can service interface 25-529 Nissan Can service interface 25-530 Vauxhall Saab Can service interface 25-531 Renault Can service interface 25-532 Renault Vauxhall Nissan Can service interface 25-533 Skoda Can service interface 25-534 Hyundai Can service interface 25-535 Audi Can service interface 25-536 Volkswagen Can service interface 25-552 -VW Parkview Front integration OEM with Laserline 25-553 PARKVIEW for LASERLINE Instructions 25-555 parkview FRONT_REAR for VW cars 27-300 Volkswagen camera input harness 29-000 Chinese-unbranded patch lead instructions 29-007-3v Pioneer Patch lead for InCarTec steering controls 29-008 Sony Patch lead for InCarTec steering controls 29-009 VDO / Siemens patch lead for Incartec Steering controls 29-025 Universal patch 29-600 Renault 5 ,11,19 21 steering control 29-601 Renault (<00) stalk control interface 29-602 Renault 29-603 Peugeot 405 & 605 stalk control interface 29-604 Peugeot 206 306 4 function stalk control 29-606 Ford (<04) stalk control interface 29-607 Peugeot 206 (99-00) stalk control 29-608 Renault (without separate display) stalk control 29-609 Vauxhall ISO steering control interface instructions 29-609 VauxOpel 29-610 Landrover Discovery 1 stalk Control 29-611 Landrover Discovery 1 stalk control 29-612B Citroen Xantia Steering control 29-612 Citroen Xantia Steering control 29-613 Citroen Xsara steering control 29-614 Peugeot 406 steering control 29-616 Citroen Peugeot Fiat steering control 29-617 Fiat Marea Punto (95-99) steering control 29-618 Fiat Punto Stilo steering control 29-619 Peugeot 206 steering control 29-620 Landrover Discovery Steering control 29-621 Citroen Peugeot Fiat Steering control 29-622 Peugeot 206 6 function steering control 29-623 Landrover Discovery II steering control 29-624 Citroen Picasso Steering control 29-625 MG ZT steering control 29-626 Landrover with oem Becker traffic nav 29-627 BMW round pin steering control interface instructions 29-628HKM 2001-2006 Mini SWC interface with HK retention 29-628 BMW K bus Quadlock steerong control E39, X5 29-629 Honda S2000 Steering control 29-630 Chrysler Jeep Steering control 29-631 Rover 25/45 ( 04-05) steering control 29-632 Saab steering control interface instructions 29-633 Peugeot 406 steering control 29-634 Honda Jazz steering control 29-635 Rover 25/45 (00-02) steering control 29-636 Ford Galaxy steering control 29-637 Suzuki Vitara Steering control 29-638 Audi and Seat 29-639 Kia Sorrento (03-06) steering control 29-640 Citroen Peugeot Fiat Steering control 29-641 Fiat 29-642 Nissan Micra Steering control 29-643 Saab steering control interface instructions 29-644 Nissan X Trail Steering control 29-645 Nissan steering wheel control interface instructions 29-646 Chevrolet Captiva Steering control 29-647 Citroen Peugeot Fiat steering control 29-648 Toyota steering control interface instructions 29-649 Renault Hard wire steering control 29-650 Citroen Peugeot (02-06) VANBUS data steering control 29-651 Alfa Romeo 156 <2003 SWC instructions 29-652 Renault Tuner list Steering control 29-653 Ford Mondeo (99-03) Steering control 29-654 Ford Quadlock cars steering control 29-655-CAN Alfa 29-655 Alfa 156 147 & GT audio steering control 29-656 Mitsubishi Colt Steering control 29-657 Ford Fiesta Fusion (02-06) steering control 29-658 Land Rover 29-659 Range Rover Steering control 29-661-HK Range Rover P38 with HK amp steering control instructions 29-661 Range Rover Steering control 29-662 Ssangyong Steering control 29-663 Honda 29-664 Jaguar X Type steering control 29-665 Landrover Freelander 1 (04-06) steering control 29-666 Citroen Peugeot Boxer Fiat Ducato (06>) Steering control 29-667 Honda steering wheel control interface instructions 29-668 Hyundai Sante Fe (with amp) steering control 29-669 Suzuki steering control interface instructions 29-670 Chevrolet steering control interface instructions 29-671 Nissan steering control interface instructions 29-672 Subaru steering control interface instructions 29-673 Mazda steering wheel control interface instructions 29-674 Nissan (Hard wire) Steering control 29-674 Nissan withConn 29-675 Hyundai / Kia steering control interface instructions 29-676 Kia Ceed Steering control 29-677 Subaru Forrester Steering wheel interface 29-678 Nissan Steering wheel interface 29-679 Honda Insight Accord Jazz 09 steering control interface 29-680 Mitsubishi Colt Audio Steering wheel interface 29-681 Mitsubishi steering control interface instructions 29-681 Mitsubishi07 29-684 Vauxhall/Holden steering interface instructions 29-686 Subaru steering wheel control interface instructions 29-692 Hyundai / Kia steering control interface instructions 29-694 Saab steering control interface instructions 29-695 Toyota steering control interface instructions 29-697 Isuzu steering control interface instructions 29-699 Marine Boat Steering control interface 29-0XX patchleads configuration 29-701 Ssangyong Korando steering control interface 29-703 Freelander2 with Alpine Premium sound 29-711 Ssangyong Korando Sport steering control interface 29-712 Landrover RR Sport and Discovery 3 SWC screen retention interface 29-713 Freelander 2 SWC and PDC with Alpine Premium sound system 29-716 Renault stalk control 29-801 Vauxhall Astra H with settings menu 29-804 BMW 1 3 CAN steering interface 29-805 Peugeot CAN Steering controls 29-806 Audi A4 , A3 TT CANbus steering interface 29-807 Fiat500 CAN bus steering wheel interface 29-808 Citroen C4 Picasso 29-811 Vauxhall Corsa D Steering interface 29-UC-050 OPTIONS 29-UC-050 UNICO steering control interface 29-UC-REN1-NAV Renault TOMTOM retention interface 29-UC-REN2-NAV Renault TOMTOM retention interface 29-UC050-CHR1 Chrysler Dodge Jeep SWC instructions 29-UC050-CHR2 Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep SWC instructions 29-UC050-MERC (22 pin interface) 29-UC050-POR1 Porsche CANbus SWC instructions 29-UC050-REN (22 pin interface) 29-UC050-REN1 (14 pin interface) 29-UC050-REN2 (14 pin interface) 29-UC050-SAAB (14 pin connector) 29-UC050-SAAB (22 pin interface) 29-UCCAB patch lead wiring data sheet 29-CT-025 Universal patch lead for 29-CT interfaces 39-VW-02 VW CAN bus steering controls (White display)

39-FIA-01, 02 and 03 CANbus interface instructions

39-LS2-QUAD Citroen/Peugeot CANbus steering control interface

39-MAN MAN CANbus steering control interface

39-MB-A05 Mercedes audio 5 steering control interface instructions 39-MB-A10 Mercedes audio 10 steering control interface instructions 39-MB-A20-NTG1 Mercedes audio 20 NTG1 steering control instructions 39-MB-A20-NTG2 Mercedes audio 20 NTG2 steering control instructions 39-MB-COM2 Mercedes Command2 steering control instructions 39-MB-UNI Mercedes universal steering control instructions

39-PGA-PDC Citroen Peugeot CAN steering and PDC interface

39-PO-ISO Porsche CAN Steering control interface

39-SCAN-01 Scania R Series CANbus steering control interface

39-VOL-01 Volvo S60, V70 steering control interface

39-VOL-FH Volvo FH line CANbus steering control interface

39-VOL-UNI Volvo XC90 CAN steering wheel interface

39-VW-03 Volkswagen Touareg and Phaeton CANbus steering control interface

49- patch lead info sheet 49-025 Universal 49- series patch lead 49-AUD-01, 49-AUD-02, 49-AUD-03, 49-AUD-UNI Instructions 49-CORSA-D Vauxhall Corsa D steering control interface instructions 49-MB-04 Mercedes quadlock CAN steering interface 49-PGA-01, -PDC, Citroen and Peugeot steering control interface instructions 49-POR-04 Porsche CANbus steering control interface 49-VW-01 Volkswagen CAN SWC interface instructions 49-VW-02 Volkswagen CAN SWC interface with PDC and climate display 50-693 Ford Focus Double din fitting Brackets Ford Mondeo fascia fitting examples 50-770-BRACKET instructions

50-940 Landrover Defender double din fascia fitting instructions

Pioneer AVIC-F980DAB Navigation head unit

BMW X1 double DIN installation CHRYSLER VOYAGER Amp turn on FK-860 XC90 fitting kit instructions

Chinese and learning data sheet for steering control interface patch leads

25-553 Parkview activation 25-500 Compatibility List 25-510 and 25-511 Slimkey I and II compatibility table 29-UC-050 CAN CAR PIN POSITIONS for UNICAN

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