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Skins Expert  7 sheet pack

Skins Expert 7 sheet pack

Skins expert sound deadening
7 x sheets 0.27m x 0.38m
Multilayer vibration dampening. Aluminium foil, polymer layer on butyl rubber base.
3.0 mm Silver self adhesive

Stock code: SK-7RP
Price: £39.99
Skins Wave diffuser

Skins Wave diffuser

Skins wave diffuser speaker pack reduces back waves behind speakers ensuring tighter punchy mid/bass performance
2 x sheets 250mm x 250mm

Stock code: SK-WD
Price: £19.99
CRYSTAL speaker Acoustic lens

CRYSTAL speaker Acoustic lens

The Cystal acoustic lens combines vibration insulation and back wave diffusion to enhance the performance of car speakers
2 x Hexagonal  self adhesive panels fit behind the speakers

Stock code: STP-C
Price: £29.99